The ark as geysers appear to help the flooding along. Thar she blows!

Someone asked me yesterday if I’d liked the movie, and I had to say I wasn’t sure yet. I’m still not quite sure, actually, though that may be partly because, though I wasn’t sure what to expect, I certainly didn’t expect rock monsters. I’m no biblical scholar, but I’m pretty sure those aren’t even in the Apocrypha. All right, technically they’re fallen angels, but they look like rock monsters and they can get pretty mean.

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Tris gets a tattoo.  I mean, gets her mind read.

Oh, the things people will do in a near-future, post-apocalyptic world just to keep the peace. First the Hunger Games, now this — a society built on forcing people to choose a faction to join when they’re sixteen or so, because all sixteen-year-olds know exactly what they want out of the rest of their lives and never ever change their minds.
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300: Rise of an Empire

Artemisia wonders where all the good men have gone. Hint: She killed them.

There’s a scene in Groundhog Day where Bill Murray, lamenting his fate at the local bar, reminisces about a really great day he once had in Tahiti. “Why can’t I live that day over and over and over?” he asks, plaintively. So if I have to watch the same movie over again, why couldn’t it at least be one that I actually liked the first time around? Like Gravity, maybe. Heck, at this point, I’d take The World’s End.

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