Godzilla challenges the Kraken from the Clash of the Titans to a roaring contest

Poor Godzilla. Being an alpha predator is such a thankless job. He’s only trying to keep the world safe from giant mutant praying mantises, and all he gets is the military shooting at him, when they aren’t just stalking him, waiting for another excuse to shoot. It’s mostly the U.S. Navy shooting and stalking, since he’s an amphibious ape-lizard alpha predator, so he swims when he isn’t stomping around on two legs like a T-Rex. I realize that’s a pretty odd-sounding description, but, well, Godzilla’s always been odd-looking.

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Shoot ’em Up

Movie in a nutshell: Mr. Smith, gun, carrot, bad guy, baby bottles

That’s right, there’s no “Th”. It’s a silly title, more suited to a first-person shooter video game, but that’s good, because it’s also your first warning to suspend every last shred of disbelief. Pretend it’s an animated movie, maybe some sort of violent anime, and you’ll be in the proper mood to enjoy this.

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