Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I

The Mockingjay. There's a neat little animation of this after the credits.

Apparently, thousands upon thousands of hours have been spent by various people on trying to create a definitive map of Panem, since author Suzanne Collins didn’t provide one. Oversight, or clever marketing strategy? You decide! All I know is that when I went looking for a map because I was curious as to where District 13 had been hiding all this time, no two of them were exactly alike, like snowflakes.
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Lou realizes that he's forgotten to buy toothpaste.

No, not Nightcrawler of the X-Men, but that’s okay, because it was still a good movie and he wouldn’t really have fit in anyway. The premise does seem a little strange — ‘Nightcrawler’ here refers to a sort of independent contractor who chases police calls and takes video of accidents and crime scenes so they can sell the footage to the news stations — but it’s a real thing that people do in large cities. Teleportation would certainly be helpful, but super powers are not required, just an incredible amount of nerve.

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