Project Almanac

The boys demonstrate the proper safety gear for time travel experiments.

What would you get if you gave five teenagers the plans and equipment to build a time machine? You’d get this movie, pretty much, though of course you’d have to make sure that at least two or three of the five are very good at the techy stuff. A bunch of English geeks like me wouldn’t have gotten very far at all. But face it, any high school kid given the chance to fix past mistakes is going to start out doing exactly the same things this bunch does — redeem the botched class presentation, get to see that missed concert, and of course try again to get the girl who got away.

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Taken 3

Liam meets Kung-Fu Panda.

So the good news is that this one was actually a little better than Taken 2, though of course that’s not saying much. But they moved away from the initial plot this time, which helped, except that also leads us to the bad news: The title is now completely wrong, since no one really gets taken this time, unless they mean in the sense of being fooled, like ‘taken for a ride’, though the ‘plot twist’ at the end is hardly a shock.
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, 2014 Edition

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: 2014 Style.

It’s still the decade of the comic book movie, apparently, given that they’ve almost entirely taken over both the Good and Bad categories this year. On the plus side, I had more options for Good than Bad, though there also seemed to be a lot more movies I just couldn’t bring myself to care about one way or the other, which isn’t exactly an exciting sort of trend. But without further ado, on to the list all my twelve loyal fans have been waiting for.

The Good:

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