Jurassic World

The Mosasaurous (the underwater behemoth) grabs a snack.

Twenty years or so ago, dinosaurs were wow, but these days not so much. Well, I guess you can get used to anything. Thanks to modern technology (or maybe just blind luck), though, these days the dinosaur park Jurassic World is at least perfectly safe, even if they do need to “up the wow factor” because attendance is down. Okay, almost perfectly safe. It would probably pass an OSHA inspection. Maybe.

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San Andreas

The title character, the fault itself.

I’m still wondering if it’s possible to wedge a 6’4″ person into a normal helicopter, but they make it look possible, at least, since movies are good at that. Dwayne Johnson, aka Hercules, gets to be the hero again, this time an airborne one, though this is a bit like a Bond movie in that the main characters get to try out all sorts of different forms of transportation, some of them stolen, though to be fair, they are right in the middle of a disaster by the time the legal aspects start getting a bit hazy.

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