A man and his victim. No, that isn't a zombie menacing the helpless young woman.

It’s hard to believe we’ve had almost a half-century of the zombie-style post-apocalyptic genre — and that’s only going back to 1968 and Night of the Living Dead, never mind the very early zombie flicks of the 1930’s. But though there are relatively high-budget zombie films like the 28 duology which are already becoming classics, the low-budget zombie movies don’t have to suffer when compared to their wealthier cousins, and Survivors proves it.

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The Martian

One of the gadgets that helps Watney live. Bonus points if you can name it.

Normally I don’t much like following trends for some reason — this is why I can’t ever read the Harry Potter books — so it does seem a little weird to me to join in on the many raves already out there about this movie, but what the heck? It is a good movie, and a good book, so why not do my small bit to help encourage both? And yes, I slipped up somehow and actually read the book first, quite some time ago.

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