Death in the Desert

Ray and Kim out shooting, while Kim wonders why he's wearing that shirt.

Sometimes my habit of trying not to know too much about a movie before watching it backfires, since in this case it might have been nice to know going in that Death in the Desert was based on a true story — on the book of the same name, in fact. A casino mogul named Ted Binion died of a drug overdose back in 1998, and his girlfriend and an employee of his were tried for the murder — twice, actually, since an appeals court reopened the case after they were both convicted. Sounds like a decent story to turn into a movie, right?
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The Witch

Tomasin shrieking. When all else fails, scream. That always works, right?

Witches and Puritans — they just go together, don’t they? The average history lesson usually makes it seem like all the Puritans agreed on things like religious issues and the difficult problem of how to tell when someone’s casting evil spells on your best milking cow, but really they probably disagreed on important matters at least as much as your average GOP presidential candidates.

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