Lurking Fear

Cathryn held at gunpoint.

Adapting an H.P. Lovecraft story into a film is always a tricky business. When I was a kid, I used to scare myself on a regular basis reading his stories, but the main reason the stories were so scary was because there was so much in them that couldn’t be explained and that sometimes even the characters couldn’t see. The second anyone starts trying to make such a story visible, you’ve lost the best way there is to frighten the audience. Luckily, Lurking Fear doesn’t worry about this kind of problem one bit.
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Split Costs

Judy and Emma on the road.

Judy is in Boston and needs to get to Amherst, 93 miles away, but does not have a car. Emma also needs to get from Boston to Amherst. If Emma drives an old Ford Focus with a cassette tape player and splits the cost of the gas with Judy, how long will it take for each of them to make a decision that could change their lives?

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The main characters have breakfast. Just an ordinary breakfast. Not.

I wonder if Bill Oberst (Betrothed) would mind if I just followed his movies around and reviewed them all? That would keep me pretty busy, though it might also keep me from getting a good night’s sleep ever again. Granted, I scare easily — and yes, it is strange that I review so many horror movies despite that fact — but it’s also his fault because he’s so good at being creepy.

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