The mysterious Mary. There's a lot of chain smoking in this movie.

It’s rough moving on after the death of a loved one… especially when you’re hallucinating that deceased loved one, among other things. Frank (David Graziano) lost his wife Isabella (Carlyne Fournier) three years ago and has been struggling ever since. His nephew Tommy (Justin Thibault) has been helping him out, but Frank is still taking medication to cope. Then he mysteriously receives a letter from his wife urging him to try to live his life again and, hesitantly, Frank starts to follow that advice.

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Girl in Woods

Grace and friends. Three's a crowd.

Grace Walker (Juliet Reeves) hasn’t had the greatest life so far. She still has nightmares about having seen her father (Lee Perkins) shoot himself in the head when she was seven, and no wonder. The medicine she’s taking doesn’t seem to be much help with that. Luckily, now she has her boyfriend Jim (Jeremy London) who doesn’t mind that she wakes up screaming every night, and sometimes even during the day when she nods off while riding in the car.

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Mark of the Witch

Jordyn with blood on her face. She's having one of those days.

Everyone has wished for a different family at least once. How can you not, when every Thanksgiving Uncle Harry tells the same tired jokes and your cousins won’t stop fighting over the best way to cook brussels sprouts? (Hint: There isn’t one.) Or you might have the opposite problem, like Jordyn (Paulie Rojas) does in Mark of the Witch, where it’s just her and her strict aunt Ruth (Nancy Wolfe), and Jordyn can only wish that someday she might find her real parents.

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