Peter making a video. He's not comfy in front of the camera, but he'll manage.

People talk about things being immortalized on film, but these days that doesn’t seem like such a big deal. Thanks to phones and a host of other gadgets, we’re so used to taking and deleting video on a whim there doesn’t seem anything immortal about it anymore. In Burn, however, video is alarmingly permanent, and you never know when it will come back to change everything.

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To Be Alone

William in the lonely, lonely woods.

There’s something particularly numbing about being alone when you aren’t used to it. William (Timothy J. Cox) certainly isn’t used to it, as he moves aimlessly about his large, empty house in the woods. He wears a wedding ring but there’s no sign of his wife anywhere. He fills his time with sleep, religious television shows, his Bible, and pointless building projects. Or perhaps what he’s building isn’t so pointless after all.

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The movie poster. It does matter, though.

The title might not grab you, but People is about exactly that — friends, lovers, siblings, acquaintances, and strangers — and what happens when they all have a bad night at the same time. It seems like a simple concept, but just like your average human being, upon taking a closer look it isn’t simple at all.

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Dreaming Purple Neon

Dentist, Ray Ray, Chris, Denise, and Dallas look at something gross and scary.

Finding a good job is never easy. Just ask Cat (Millie Milan), who thinks everything’s fine at work until she hears gunshots while sitting at her desk and realizes that her boss, Tyrone (Ricky Farr) is a drug dealer. I’m not sure how she didn’t realize that sooner. Anyway, in her panic, she stumbles across her boss’ stash of guns and drugs and does the worst possible thing. You guessed it — she steals the stash and rushes over to the dentist’s office where her best friend Denise (Eli DeGeer) works to get advice on what to do now.

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