I, Frankenstein

When the scary undead guy asks for his book back, just give it to him.

Since the zombie movie craze seems to be dying down — no pun intended — it’s apparently time to move on to other sorts of undead. I suppose you could argue that Frankenstein’s monster was the very first zombie, but somehow that never quite feels right, does it? He didn’t crave brains, after all, and he couldn’t make more zombies by biting people, either, so he’s more like his own category, really.

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Olympus Has Fallen

Mike rescuing Connor. Connor's code name is Spark Plug. I thought that was cute.

This movie makes it look depressingly easy to take over the White House. Well, “easy” presuming that you have access to a fair amount of high-tech weaponry, a master tactician, detailed blueprints of the building, and a large group of heavily armed fanatics. But as main bad guy Kang (Rick Yune, The Man with the Iron Fists) points out, it took them just thirteen minutes, so they still make it look easy, at least.

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