Get Smart

99 prepares to fire, and Max prepares to demonstrate a made-up martial art.

“Missed it by that much.” That was about all I knew about the Get Smart TV show, just that catch phrase and the shoe phone, really. I think once, long ago, I saw the episode where Max and 99 get married, because I vaguely remember being puzzled over how someone could get married and not even say their real name. I researched it before I went, but I’m sure I missed a ton of in-jokes. For instance, Max (Steve Carell) had a wanted poster up on his refrigerator for Dr.
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The Dark Knight Rises

Not quite a remake of the famous Batman-Catwoman dance scene, but close.

Back when all this started, seven years ago, I had a hard time imagining what, exactly, Christopher Nolan might do to the entire concept of Batman once he was allowed to play with it for a while. Not that I have anything against his filmmaking, far from it, but somehow he didn’t seem like the right person for the job, given that I mostly knew him from movies like Inception and its only somewhat less confusing cousin, Memento.
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Alice in Wonderland

A shockingly red-haired, crazed, badly-dressed Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

As soon as the movie starts, you know you’re watching the work of Tim Burton and listening to the work of Danny Elfman. It almost looks ordinary to start with — it’s a proper Victorian setting, with only a little girl’s dream to give any hint of the weirdness ahead. But you can forget about the little girl, because things quickly move ahead thirteen years, since this movie is about the 19-year-old Alice (Mia Wasikowska, who’s apparently twenty but looks more like sixteen), who remembers her adventures down the rabbit hole only as a vague, recurring dream.

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