Ocean’s 13

See, the poster's already at critical mass, and I only count twelve people.

Okay, I realize this is going to be a total blockbuster. If you sit quietly for a moment, you can probably hear the distant ‘ka-ching’ of this film raking in the ticket money. The problem is, I’m not exactly the best person to be reviewing it. I did see Ocean’s 11 (both versions, actually), but that was a long time ago. And I didn’t like either all that much, so I didn’t watch Ocean’s 12. Frankly, 11 was already so crowded, I thought adding one more star would make the movie implode or something. And… I don’t like George Clooney. Yes, I am female.
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Gone Baby Gone

Patrick detects, and Angie wonders where all her lines have gone.

I already knew Ben Affleck couldn’t act. I’m still trying to decide if he can direct. He did manage to write a pretty good screenplay — some of the dialogue was a little awkward in places, but otherwise he did all right there, even without Matt Damon to help him. He had a good place to start, at least; I haven’t read the novel this movie was based on, but I know Dennis Lehane writes some pretty good stuff.

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Tower Heist

A nice cast photo. Would you trust these people to rob you?

The studio was probably pretty happy about the timing of this film. It wouldn’t have been at all out of place for some of the characters to join in one of the Occupier protests on the side. Heck, even Bernie Madoff is back in the news lately, bragging about how wonderful federal prison is, and old Uncle Bernie must be one of Arthur Shaw’s heroes.

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