9 faces an evil AI 10 times his size armed only with a flashlight.

It looks like I forgot the rest of the title, doesn’t it? Released on 9/9/09, showing at my local theatre in auditorium 9, and it cost me $9.00 to get in, because my local theatres aren’t showing matinees anymore. Okay, technically they are, but at times that are so inconvenient for me they might as well not be. They did sell me a largish box of SweetTarts for only a dollar, but still.

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Salander and Blomkvist take a walk in the chilly night air.

Books get optioned by movie studios constantly. Anytime anything looks like it’s selling decently, some studio somewhere will jump on it, just in case it becomes the next huge sleeper hit. However, as I learned a while back, sometimes all that means is that the studios made a bad investment, since the odds of a book that’s been optioned actually making it to the screen are slim. Estimates range between 2 and 10 percent managing that leap, in fact. Many times those that do are unrecognizable anyway.

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Paul Bettany falls for the old "Look behind you!" trick.

We are in the middle of the decade of the comic book movie. Technically, this is based on a 16-issue series of graphic novels by Hyung Min-woo, but close enough. It’s almost exactly nothing like the comics, though, as far as I can tell. Shocker.

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