World War Z

A ravenous zombie leaps at a crowd of people -- aka the buffet line.

Seeing as how the entire United States was apparently utterly unprepared for the zombie apocalypse here, I’m guessing the CDC wasted a little too much time insisting that there was no zombie outbreak happening, and a few too many people believed them. It might not have been entirely their fault, though; zombification happens so quickly it is hard to see it coming.
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Drive Angry

Hell is already walking the earth. I mean, driving the earth.

I sort of feel like I just watched Machete again. It was another movie that seems to have set out to be really bad in the hopes of turning out really good. It was less bloody, had slightly more plot, and Nicolas Cage is far less ugly than Danny Trejo, but it still seemed a lot like watching Machete. This was Machete Light, I guess.

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