The Equalizer

What do you see when you look at Robert? One scary guy, that's what I see.

It’s only getting worse — not only are they still remaking shows I haven’t seen, they’re remaking shows I’ve barely even heard of. I didn’t even know this was a remake until a friend of mine casually mentioned that he wanted to see this movie because he’d liked the TV show. Then I vaguely remembered the show’s existence, though I thought the main character was a retired cop. He isn’t, in either incarnation; he’s ex-CIA, though of course the movie version is at least 27 times scarier than the TV version due to ratings issues.
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2 Guns

Images from comic & screen. First meant to star Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

Lately, super hero movies seem to be losing some of their power, if you’ll forgive the expression. But comic book movies are still out there, just featuring different sorts of heroes. This one isn’t secretly based on a comic book; they’re pretty up front about that. And as far as I can tell, it sticks fairly closely to the source material, though hopefully the graphic novel had slightly better dialogue.

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