The Book of Life

I just had to use a picture of La Muerte's wonderful hat.

This didn’t quite seem like a kids’ movie, despite being animated — after all, it’s about people dying and going to the afterlife — but kids’ movie it was, and again I felt a little weird about being in the theatre. I really think it would have freaked me out a little when I was a kid, though of course I’m a coward.
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Matt Damon as Max Da Costa. He can save me anytime.

By 2154, the gap between rich and poor has widened to, oh, about 1,200 miles or so. That’s 1,200 miles straight up, by the way, as anyone you’d call wealthy has moved up to the Elysium space station, a land of trees, rolling hills, swimming pools, and large, pristine houses. Robotic servants tend to everyone’s needs, medical science can heal virtually anything, and life is Perfect.

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