The Purge: Anarchy

The cast watches as the sergeant tells Cali to shut up for the 367th time.

The characters have finally figured out what I said about the first movie — the only reason the “New Founding Fathers” came up with this Purge idea was to get rid of what they considered the riff-raff. All right, to be fair, all the characters in the first movie were rich enough not to care so much about that, and apparently they were also self-centered enough not to think much about that sort of thing, except for the annoying little boy.

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The Purge

When dressing to kill, wear impractical clothing and masks so you can't see.

It’s 2022, and the Tea Party has completely taken over. I usually try not to be political, but it’s difficult to avoid it here. Supposedly, the fact that once a year, for just twelve hours, absolutely nothing is illegal has solved all the the problems of the United States, and it’s all thanks to the New Founding Fathers. The official story is that the Purge, as it’s called, makes the world better because it gets out all the violent impulses we have.
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