De Niro actually does something even more jarring than teaching Yvaine to waltz.

The movie industry keeps doing this to me. Some weekends I absolutely can’t decide between two films, and other weekends, there’s just nothing new out there that I’m getting paid enough to see. Actually, I’m not getting paid at all, but you know what I mean. And though I was interested to see Rush Hour 3, this is the one I was really after this weekend.

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Man of Steel

Superman prepares to smash a glacier into ice cubes with a power takeoff.

“Look! Up in the sky!” No one ever actually says, “Truth, justice, and the American way,” but the general idea of that still permeates the entire movie and I couldn’t help but think of it a lot. At least they do acknowledge now and then that there is a world outside of Metropolis and Smallville, which is more than a lot of action / disaster movies do. It kind of is a disaster movie, though that isn’t too surprising. When Superman fights people of roughly his own power level, the collateral damage is going to be huge.

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The God of War, the God of the Sea, and the God of Shark Rabbits.

In ancient times, everyone lived perched on the edge of a cliff. No, seriously. In the case of the deities, I’m sure it’s for dramatic effect, but even peasants live in villages carved into the face of the living rock, overlooking a steep, sheer drop down into the unforgiving ocean. Acrophobia must not have been invented yet.

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