The Pursuit of Happyness

When I first saw the ads for this movie, my first thought was that an entire generation of school children were going to grow up misspelling “happiness”. To my relief, one of the first scenes deals with that very issue, so after that, I was ready to settle back and enjoy the movie. (Well, at least as much as I could with the two annoying teenage girls sitting a few seats down who liked to echo bits of the dialogue. As they jostled and tripped their way out of the theatre, though, one of them dropped and broke her cell phone, in what I like to think was a nice bit of karma. Anyway.)

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The Day the Earth Stood Still

Keanu communes with the spheres, and walks on water.  Kind of.

I never understood that title when I was a kid — I mean, the earth doesn’t actually stand still, not even in the movie. And the short story that it’s based on is called “Farewell to the Master”, though admittedly that doesn’t have nearly the same ring to it. This movie is very definitely a remake of the 1951 film version, though, not the short story, and it’s definitely no longer a B movie, either.

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The Karate Kid

Dre at the tournament during his final match.

I have a new plan. A cunning plan, even. I’m going to start watching and reviewing every TV show or movie from the 1980’s that was ever considered financially successful and/or a cult classic. Then, when someone gets around to remaking, say, Airplane! or Night Court for the big screen, all I have to do is change the actors’ names and maybe a few other details, and my review will be all set! It’ll be a huge timesaver, sort of like the way newspapers keep updated obituaries ready for celebrities.

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