Exodus: Gods and Kings

I have no idea if it's historically accurate, but I loved the headdress.

It’s pretty useless to expect that Hollywood will get anything even remotely right when it comes to ancient Egyptian history, yet somehow I keep hoping. Granted, Ramses II doesn’t really deserve the title of ‘the Great’, which is usual for rulers who give that sort of nickname to themselves like he did, but the amount of things they got wrong is still pretty breathtaking. I was really hoping we were done with the myth that everything in ancient Egypt was built by slave labor, but they didn’t even manage to get that right.

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The Great Gatsby

Nick, Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom watch the other guests at one of Gatsby's parties.

I did my best to avoid the 3-D version of this. Ideally, I would have liked to pretend that it didn’t exist… because, seriously. Why in the world would anyone want to see The Great Gatsby, a book that is about the opposite of an action thriller, adapted into 3-D? Was this an attempt to make it seem less like a film to which some women might have to drag unwilling husbands and boyfriends? If so, I’m pretty sure it didn’t work.

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The Thing

Movie posters one and two.  Or two and one, depending on how you look at it.

Once upon a time, a crazy Norwegian man in Antarctica tried to shoot a dog, and before anyone knew quite what was happening, a horror movie called The Thing broke out. Now yet another horror movie called The Thing has popped up out of nowhere. Well, yes, out of Antarctica again, but that’s basically the middle of nowhere. This flick is, as you may have heard, more a prequel than a remake of the original, though I’m told some scenes are fairly similar.
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