Will SMith saves Jason Bateman. Able to flip trapped sedans with a single hand.

John Hancock, to be precise. But this isn’t about a famed signer of the Declaration of Independence. It’s about a drunken lout who lives in a cluttered, tiny trailer in the middle of the desert, but prefers to sleep on park benches with large bottles of whiskey close at hand. He also happens to have super-powers. But those don’t win him an adoring public, like you might expect. In the first three minutes of the movie, he gets called the same insulting thing three times, which quickly becomes the running joke of the film.
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In Time

The nifty glowing green readout that tells you how long you can keep breathing.

In the future — I can’t tell you when, but it must be pretty far — people can live forever. The catch is that you need lots of money for that, so things haven’t changed much, really. Since having that happen because of better medical treatments and hormone therapies and such isn’t very dramatic, they have a distinctly sci-fi twist here. When you’re born, you age normally until your 25th birthday. The second you turn twenty-five, your body stops aging and your clock starts ticking down. No, seriously.
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