Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

The journey of a thousand vampires begins with but a single tree.

Vampires — at least in this movie — are a lot like ninjas. Both like the shadows, can theoretically kill you silently and in the blink of an eye, and the more there are of them, the easier it is to kill them. Go toe to toe with one vampire — or ninja — and you’re lucky to escape with your life. Find yourself surrounded by three dozen of them, taking them all down will be about as easy as swatting a bunch of flies.

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The Thing

Movie posters one and two.  Or two and one, depending on how you look at it.

Once upon a time, a crazy Norwegian man in Antarctica tried to shoot a dog, and before anyone knew quite what was happening, a horror movie called The Thing broke out. Now yet another horror movie called The Thing has popped up out of nowhere. Well, yes, out of Antarctica again, but that’s basically the middle of nowhere. This flick is, as you may have heard, more a prequel than a remake of the original, though I’m told some scenes are fairly similar.
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