The Martian

One of the gadgets that helps Watney live. Bonus points if you can name it.

Normally I don’t much like following trends for some reason — this is why I can’t ever read the Harry Potter books — so it does seem a little weird to me to join in on the many raves already out there about this movie, but what the heck? It is a good movie, and a good book, so why not do my small bit to help encourage both? And yes, I slipped up somehow and actually read the book first, quite some time ago.

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Fury's crew in a rare moment when they're not all harassing each other.

This probably isn’t the best movie to see the same weekend as The Book of Life, since it really was hard to switch gears and write this review. It doesn’t help that I’m not entirely sure what to say about this one, either, since at times it was very good and at other times I found myself wondering why, exactly, they had put a particular scene in, as sometimes it seemed like they were just trying to be artsy or surreal or something.

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Tower Heist

A nice cast photo. Would you trust these people to rob you?

The studio was probably pretty happy about the timing of this film. It wouldn’t have been at all out of place for some of the characters to join in one of the Occupier protests on the side. Heck, even Bernie Madoff is back in the news lately, bragging about how wonderful federal prison is, and old Uncle Bernie must be one of Arthur Shaw’s heroes.

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30 Minutes or Less

Jesse Eisenberg in the Planet of the Apes. Okay, the crooks have weird masks.

Little-known fact: When I was in college, I was the pizza-delivering Movie Critic Next Door. Well, okay, I was just a pizza delivery driver, not yet a movie critic of any sort. Yes, I was the only female driver, and yes, I worked for Domino’s, though the 30-minute guarantee was already a thing of the past. It was not, however, a guarantee of a free pizza; you actually got a coupon for $3 off your next order or something like that.

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