Man of Steel

Superman prepares to smash a glacier into ice cubes with a power takeoff.

“Look! Up in the sky!” No one ever actually says, “Truth, justice, and the American way,” but the general idea of that still permeates the entire movie and I couldn’t help but think of it a lot. At least they do acknowledge now and then that there is a world outside of Metropolis and Smallville, which is more than a lot of action / disaster movies do. It kind of is a disaster movie, though that isn’t too surprising. When Superman fights people of roughly his own power level, the collateral damage is going to be huge.

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Agnes and Peter search carefully for Ashley Judd's motivation.

You can tell I’m not a real movie critic. I missed the extravaganza of Shrek the Third, carefully avoided the craziness that is the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which I’ve never liked, and ended up reviewing Bug.

Talk about out of the frying pan, into the fire.

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Premium Rush

Wilee realizes to his horror that the address on the envelope is illegible.

Despite all the fax machines and email programs in the world, sometimes you’ve just got to get something physically from one place to another in a ridiculous hurry. This is why there are bike messengers, and apparently quite a lot of them in places like New York. One such company, at least in this movie, is Security Couriers, where people are paid a pittance to race around on bikes and weave through traffic like a real-life Mario Kart.

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