Stalked Series 2

Those of you who haven’t seen the first series of Stalked from JH Producties should go watch it right now, or at least check out my review. I’ll do my best as always, but I can’t promise a complete lack of spoilers for season one in this case. Go watch, I’ll wait.

Now let me tell you a little about the wild adventures in store for those crazy kids. First of all, Finn in now Kate (Amy Homberg), living on her own and ready to take on the world, with the help of her new and much nicer boyfriend, Josh (Matt Börgel). Olivia (Myrna Laanen) is still Olivia, though whether that’s a good thing or not isn’t an easy question. Despite the — let’s say painful — incident that naturally put quite a strain on their friendship at the end of season one, Kate still visits Olivia and tries to keep the relationship together.

But Olivia is certainly miserable where she is and wants to move in with Kate, except she has quite enough on her plate at the moment. Her ex, Jim (Billy John Twomey), wants to get back together with her despite currently dating Dakota (Jamie Munsey), who occasionally calls Kate to scream at her. And Josh worries that Kate isn’t really over Jim, which in turn makes Kate wonder if she isn’t really over Jim.

Title screen

But you can’t have a series called Stalked without some danger in it, and Kate has that to deal with, too. With escaped mental patients, chase scenes, and the cutest little chainsaw ever, this second installment has all the quirky charm and bizarre happenings of the first. Olivia provides a lot of the quirkiness all by herself, managing to create a character that’s both friendly and frightening, while Kate puts all her energy into living the life she wants to lead at last. The series strikes a good balance of drama, lighter moments, and of course just the right dose of crazy to create a worthy successor to the original, featuring strange friendships, life and death struggles, and dreams coming true — or at least trying to.


We’ve all had that feeling of not quite belonging, and it’s with good reason that misfit characters are everywhere in fiction — it’s something we can all relate to.  In the new web series Stalked from JH Producties, set in Holland,  Finn (Jaimy Homberg) is the awkward teenager who doesn’t quite fit in.  He dreams of being an actor someday so he automatically can’t be one of the cool kids, and honestly, liking to cook probably doesn’t help much.  But his life isn’t all bad, since he has his cat, his best friend Olivia (Myrna Laanen), and an older boyfriend who looks like a model, Jim (Billy Twomey).  Sadly, Jim is now back in England for college so they can only talk on Skype.

This is what happens when you go camping just because it’s scary.

Since he’s missing Jim, Finn does his best to keep busy, especially during the week that his parents are gone.  He goes to auditions and makes plans with Olivia, including a camping trip, about which Olivia is far too excited, especially since they don’t seem to be going anywhere except the middle of a random field.  But hey, whatever floats your boat, as they say, and they seem like they’re having fun.

But there’s some dark stuff happening in Olivia’s life — she’s certainly in need of some distraction, to say the least — and things only get darker for our heroes as the series progresses.  At first you might be able to pass events off as being nothing but tasteless practical jokes, and Finn tries his best to do just that, even though it’s a lost cause.  The fact is he’s being stalked, and neither he nor Olivia is quite sure what to do about it as they’re both thrown into the midst of this very grown-up problem.

Homberg directs as well as stars and does well at both, creating a charmingly offbeat character in Finn, while Laanen’s Olivia manages to be perky and optimistic without being dreadfully annoying, which is quite a feat as far as I’m concerned.  The twist ending isn’t entirely a surprise, but I enjoyed the reveal nonetheless — both leads bring a lot of enthusiasm to their roles and that really shows on the screen.  The cinematography could use a little work, but overall it’s a solid drama that I hope predicts great things for Homberg and crew.  It’s available on YouTube and well worth watching.