The Lazarus Effect

Zoe with the gadget they use for their tests. Looks like an eggbeater, huh?

In retrospect I probably should have gone to the new Will Smith movie, but the previews really didn’t make it seem all that exciting. So I gathered up my courage and went to a horror movie, which, as so often seems to happen these days, turned out to be not nearly as scary as I expected. I mean, it was scary while I was watching it, but it isn’t the sort of scary that makes me think there’s something evil under the bed for the next three or four nights.

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The Top 5 Movies Secretly Based on Comic Books

The MCND Top Five List logo.

Okay, it isn’t such a huge secret, but once in a while the studios just don’t seem to want to make a big deal about the fact that a particular flick is based on a comic book and/or graphic novel. This is probably mostly because a lot of people still think of comic books as featuring nothing but four-color heroes in a clear-cut struggle of Good vs. Evil, even though these days that image often couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, movies often have to tone down the level of mature themes that can be found in some graphic novels. Take a look at these Top 5, for instance:

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In Time

The nifty glowing green readout that tells you how long you can keep breathing.

In the future — I can’t tell you when, but it must be pretty far — people can live forever. The catch is that you need lots of money for that, so things haven’t changed much, really. Since having that happen because of better medical treatments and hormone therapies and such isn’t very dramatic, they have a distinctly sci-fi twist here. When you’re born, you age normally until your 25th birthday. The second you turn twenty-five, your body stops aging and your clock starts ticking down. No, seriously.
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Cowboys and Aliens

The Man with No Name, standing dramatically before a dramatic explosion.

Yes, someone did get a little cutesy with the title. Don’t let that throw you, though. It may only be rated PG-13, but it’s got plenty of violence, explosions, and just-barely-off-camera gore. Everyone has a gun, and nearly everyone knows how to use it. It isn’t a cute movie by any stretch of the imagination.

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TRON: Legacy

Light Cycles 1.0 and 2.0

Twenty-eight years ago, a bunch of guys with a computer that had just 2MB of memory — the same size as the little memory stick I use to back up my stuff — somehow managed to create TRON. I shudder to contemplate the size of the computers they used for the sequel.

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