A steampunk gadget. The movie totally needed more of these.

In 1964, Lyndon Johnson is president of the United States, George Clooney is a little kid, and everyone’s looking forward to having their own jet-pack. The young George Clooney (I mean the young John Francis Walker, played by Thomas Robinson) is trying to help everyone out by getting the $50 prize at the Hall of Invention at the 1964 World’s Fair for his jet pack. Except, as he reluctantly admits to David Nix (Hugh Laurie), who is clearly someone Very Important, it doesn’t quite work yet.
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Bruce WIllis holds himself hostage. Er, holds Joseph Gordon-Levitt hostage.

In 2070 or thereabouts, it’s terribly difficult to dispose of a body because everyone’s tagged with some sort of electronic chip. Like what people do with their cats and dogs, I guess. So when a crime lord wants someone to disappear, there’s a whole extra level of difficulty involved. Enter the miracle of time travel. I was curious to discover if it was invented specifically to solve this problem, but they don’t say.

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