The Martian

One of the gadgets that helps Watney live. Bonus points if you can name it.

Normally I don’t much like following trends for some reason — this is why I can’t ever read the Harry Potter books — so it does seem a little weird to me to join in on the many raves already out there about this movie, but what the heck? It is a good movie, and a good book, so why not do my small bit to help encourage both? And yes, I slipped up somehow and actually read the book first, quite some time ago.

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Amanda Seyfried kind of fails at scary, even with a gun, but succeeds in crazy.

Amanda Seyfried is attractive and all, and she’s a pretty good actress, but I think she needs a different method of choosing scripts. In Time wasn’t all that exciting, Red Riding Hood left a lot to be desired from what I hear, and, well, I don’t like Nicholas Sparks novels, so that sort of lets Dear John out, too, though it was probably better than this flick.

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Captain America

The Captain of the comics versus the Captain of the silver screen.

By some strange coincidence, Captain America looks exactly like the Human Torch. I’m making fun of Marvel just a little — they’d promised a while back that they would have complete continuity among all their movies, probably in preparation for all the Avengers tie-ins, so it amuses me that they cast the same actor as two utterly different major Marvel characters. I have no idea how they’ll explain the coming debacle that is The Amazing Spider-Man. They showed previews, and the entire audience looked vaguely uncomfortable and/or confused. I know I was.
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