Matt Damon as Max Da Costa. He can save me anytime.

By 2154, the gap between rich and poor has widened to, oh, about 1,200 miles or so. That’s 1,200 miles straight up, by the way, as anyone you’d call wealthy has moved up to the Elysium space station, a land of trees, rolling hills, swimming pools, and large, pristine houses. Robotic servants tend to everyone’s needs, medical science can heal virtually anything, and life is Perfect.

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District 9

The posters warning aliens to stay where they belong.

Ever wonder what would happen if a bunch of very non-human-looking alien refugees showed up on Earth? Wonder no longer, because I’m pretty sure this movie predicts that very accurately. You know, aside from the particularly weird stuff that happens to the main character, because I’m not sure those exact details would ever happen, but the general outline is probably just about perfect.
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