Fury's crew in a rare moment when they're not all harassing each other.

This probably isn’t the best movie to see the same weekend as The Book of Life, since it really was hard to switch gears and write this review. It doesn’t help that I’m not entirely sure what to say about this one, either, since at times it was very good and at other times I found myself wondering why, exactly, they had put a particular scene in, as sometimes it seemed like they were just trying to be artsy or surreal or something.

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Just because he always works at night does not make him a grave robber.

That’s the longest title I’ve had to type out yet, I think. But admit it; you’re humming the theme right now. You can’t help it. There are people in Outer Mongolia who know that tune. And it’s all back — the hat, the whip, the wild stunts, and the uniformed bad guys. Okay, this time they’re Soviet soldiers instead of Nazis, but close enough.

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Eagle Eye

The obligatory chase scene with the dome of the Capitol in the background.

Someone’s probably watching you right now. In this day and age, we all know that. Thanks to cameras the size of gnats and the general paranoia of the 21st century, if you live in a city that has the internet capability for you to read this, you might be on candid camera. So a lot of the things that are meant to shock and surprise in this movie really… don’t. Maybe that’s my personal paranoia, but it no longer shocks me to contemplate being tracked down on a busy street while driving because the traffic cameras have facial recognition software.

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Guy Pearce looking frighteningly perfectly groomed.

A while back, a family in Virginia was looking through some old papers and found some newspaper articles from the 1930’s that mentioned some relatives of theirs — namely, the Bondurant brothers, Forrest, Howard, and Jack. The family knew they must have made and sold a little moonshine, since back then in Franklin County, where they lived, everyone made and sold a little moonshine. That’s just what people did. I think half the people within a hundred-mile radius must have died of something alcohol-related, or they wouldn’t all have been able to stay in business.

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The Top 5 Movies that Prove Cell Phones are Evil

The MCND's Top Five List logo

Okay, “evil” might be too strong a word. But any movie set in current times, especially any sort of thriller or action movie, has to take cell phones into account. Sometimes that simply means having them be out of battery or out of range so the heroes can’t call for help; sometimes the cell phones themselves are what makes everything go wrong in the first place. If they’re not evil, they’re at least tricksters, messing with our minds. Without further ado, the Top 5 films where cell phones lead to death and destruction, sometimes on a massive scale.

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