47 Ronin

The witch preparing to drop in for a visit. Note the creepy mismatched eyes.

While ‘realistic’ isn’t going to be one of the adjectives featured on the Blu-ray cover, the story of the 47 Ronin actually is real. It does not, however, involve demons, haunted woods, or people turning into dragons, as this movie would have you believe. It also didn’t take place in ancient Japan, despite what the opening voice-over says. The eighteenth century was a while back, admittedly, but it won’t count as ancient for quite some time yet.

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The movie is more high-tech, but otherwise this version is better.

Somehow — I hesitate even to guess on the details — Hasbro persuaded Universal Pictures that it would be cool to base a movie on the Battleship game. Hasbro gets 5%, which I guess makes sense since all they provide is a little name recognition, really. Either that or they didn’t bother to bargain much. I couldn’t find anyone who was interested in going along to see this flick, though, which is usually a bad sign.

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