The International

Whatever they call the place, how could you not want to run across those roofs?

That’s the International Bank of Business and Credit, or the IBBC, an entirely fictional financial institution, I’m sure. It could also be called the International Big Bad Corporation, because they really are Bad with a capital B. But don’t worry! Clive Owen is on the case… though really, he doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

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The Thing

Movie posters one and two.  Or two and one, depending on how you look at it.

Once upon a time, a crazy Norwegian man in Antarctica tried to shoot a dog, and before anyone knew quite what was happening, a horror movie called The Thing broke out. Now yet another horror movie called The Thing has popped up out of nowhere. Well, yes, out of Antarctica again, but that’s basically the middle of nowhere. This flick is, as you may have heard, more a prequel than a remake of the original, though I’m told some scenes are fairly similar.
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Season of the Witch

The girl in her cage.  Would you trust this face?

Once upon a time, two crusading knights named Behmen (Nicolas Cage, Knowing) and Felson (Ron Perlman, Tangled) decided they’d had enough of being crusading knights when they figured out that the church was ordering them to slaughter women and children. I guess the infidels didn’t have many soldiers around, since Behman and Felson are crusading somewhere around 1347, and the last crusade technically ended in 1272.
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